About Us

Livestock Digital History and Team

A New Era in Livestock Marketing

In the Spring of 2021, Livestock Digital went from an idea to a business nearly overnight.  I have taken courses and sold Digital Advertising to many businesses like Car dealers as well as Livestock clients. At Livestock Digital we understand the timing of things and we want this process to be smooth and easy.   Eliminating steps and working with advertisers personally and not thru someone or agency that knows nothing about Livestock.  

At Livestock Digital we do things “Your Way”

We start by understanding your needs and budget, looking at your marketing areas and discussing how we can complement your current marketing strategies.  Then we set up a campaign and build the ads, working with several design artists that know this business. 

Cutting Edge – Transparency – Results

We utilize Facebook /Instagram as well as our Website to Target and Re target your customers. We can reach more for less... In 2021 alone we reached 2.527 million viewers and drove 327,912 of those viewers to websites. We can share with you the data in real time and at the end of the campaign you will get an ad report showing the results. 

Meet our team

Chris Beutler

Managing Director

Family Business: I grew up in my family’s Auction Market in Pender Nebraska, and learned about Livestock and Marketing firsthand. Working daily with both a buyer and a seller has taught me the value of integrity and honesty.

Marketing and Experience: I have had my own sales as well as managed over 30 sales since 1996.  I know what it is like to set budgets, promote a and have a sale. I have a lifetime in the Livestock business from auction markets to order buying, a seedstock business and consulting business. I have spent 18 years in advertising and marketing in the corporate climate.  Livestock Digital is a small business, but we are a full-service business.


Jason Hansen

Sales/Ring Services 

I am excited to be part of revolutionizing the advertising industry.  For those of you who don’t know me I grew up in western Knox county Nebraska on a diversified operation.  I was your typical farm kid who helped their family, was involved in 4H, and pitched in any way I could, but my real passion were cows and auctions. I attended college and received my agribusiness degree and was on the livestock judging team.  After college I attended the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, IA. I used those skills as I worked at the Norfolk Livestock Market for my wife’s family. 

I enjoy the auction business and how price discovery is attained at a rapid pace, but more importantly I enjoy the friendships and livestock breeders such as all of you that make this business so rewarding.  Livestock Digital has set the world on fire in the past few months whether you have a traditional auction, or online auction, or even private treaty sales reach out to us, we would love to have the opportunity to discuss YOUR marketing plan.


Got a Sale to List?

You can leverage the digital world to sell your real-world livestock! Just list and leave it to us. We understand the livestock business and digital advertising, so we’ll deliver a smooth and easy process that paves the way to your successful sale!