Carl Dethlefs & Sons Angus

Carl Dethlefs & Sons Angus was established by Carl Dethlefs in 1950 when he bought his first set of registered Angus cows to stock his operation near Rockville, NE. A few years later, Carl and his son Jerry started hosting an annual bull sale. Fifty-five years later, that bull sale is still going strong.  

Today, there are three generations living and working on the ranch, Jerry and his wife Dianna, their son Gary and his wife Darlene, and Gary’s two sons, Connor, along with his wife Emily, and Clayton. Everyone contributes to the ranch as it is solely operated by family.

The Dethlefs Family (back L to R): Cody, Callie, Darlene, Gary, Emily, and Connor. Front (L to R): Clayton, Dianna, Jerry, and Capri.

Connor and Clayton returned to the ranch in recent years, bringing with them extensive knowledge and new ideas to implement on the operation. “It is pure satisfaction knowing that our children and grandchildren value the lifestyle we lead and will pass it on to their own family someday,” said Dianna and Darlene.

“It is pure satisfaction knowing that our children and grandchildren value the lifestyle we lead and will pass it on to their own family someday.” 

Like many cattle producers, the Dethlefs are being challenged by the drought. They were able to make it through the summer with adequate grazing, and they’ve sent as many cows as possible to cornstalks. They’ve also sought out additional feed, but they’re still culling any dead weight from their cowherd. “We’re trying to hold on to as much as we can, but we’re culling cows to keep our herd in check. This will ensure we have enough feed to get through this winter and the upcoming grazing season,” said Connor.

Maturity, maternal traits, and performance

Forty years ago, the majority of seedstock producers were selling two-year-old bulls, but as time went on, two-year-olds went by the wayside and more yearling bulls were sold. Instead of following the trend, the Dethlefs continued to sell mature bulls and in turn found themselves in a niche market. Their two-year-old bulls have numerous benefits, such as being able to service more cows during the breeding season, along with larger cows, and being able to maintain their body condition better than a yearling.

Carl Dethlefs had a dream back in 1950, Jerry helped that dream progress, and the next generation will continue the success.

The Dethlefs family produces some of the best two-year-old bulls in the state of Nebraska. Their focus begins with the cow. She must be structurally sound, have good feet and legs, be able to raise a heavy calf year in and year out, and rebreed in a timely fashion. Udder quality and longevity are also a major focus for the Dethlefs. The bulls they develop will sire replacement females with these same traits, as well as sire growth, feedlot performance, and carcass merit. During a time when margins are tight, the Dethlefs go above and beyond to provide their customers with bulls that will increase profits and improve cowherds.

The Dethlefs two-year-old bulls are some of the best in the state of Nebraska.

Sale day is truly a family effort with everyone having a role. Friends and neighbors also pitch in to make the annual sale a success. The day may seem somewhat chaotic and busy, but the gratifying moments that come from seeing repeat customers and new faces makes it all worth it.

Sale Day for the Dethlefs is a family affair with everyone having a role.

Carl Dethlefs & Sons Angus will be offering 100 two-year-old bulls that are bred and fed with the commercial producer in mind at their sale on Saturday, January 14, 2023, at the Jerry Dethlefs ranch near Rockville, NE. The sale will begin at 1:00 PM CST but come early to enjoy lunch and take a look at the bulls. If you can’t make the sale, tune in via DV Auction. For more information and to check out their catalog, along with videos of the bulls, click here.

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